What is Nozzl News Desk?

Nozzl News Desk is a news gathering system for journalists and other fact-finders. It is used to produce searchable, exportable lists of stories from reliable sources.

Although it includes a robust database of sources, vetted by journalists led by a Pulitzer Prize-winner, its true value lies in the power it gives journalists and other serious researchers to continue to build the database, and also to generate new lists of stories on virtually any topic or regional focus.

Nozzl News Desk is a full system that includes:

  • news curating software to help you manage and grow the catalog, supplementing it with your in-house expertise to expand existing lists or create new ones.
  • news searching software that uses journalist-based multi-level filtering to bring you the most relevant news: it uses the journalist’s criteria to both select the sources and to filter the stories from those sources to bring you highly targeted story lists.
  • news viewing software that lets you easily search, sort, and scan thousands of pre-curated news headlines and to read the stories behind them at a click of a button. All headlines are accessed in a single easy to use interface regardless of the interface of the original source – traditional news outlets, credible blogs, databases, Twitter, Facebook, and many others.
  • Stories selected from one or multiple lists can be grouped into saved lists and exported. This functionality is of tremendous value for a newsroom assignment desk.

How would this system be used in my fact finding or news gathering?

Key researchers or assignment editors can produce manageable lists of breaking new stories from many sources for journalistic followup by field reporters and researchers.

How does Nozzl ensure the content in a Nozzl Story List is reliable?

Although the system comes with a database of some 16,000 vetted sources — this is just a “seed” group of sources that can be expanded to meet the needs of any organization or newsroom. Ultimately, it will be the users of this technology who control the quantity and quality of the sources, and also the accuracy of the aggregated stories by generating targeted, filtered queries against the sources database — and by continuously updating that database.

Nozzl’s initial database was produced by carefully vetting each information source — blogs, professional journals, news services, magazines, videos, podcasts, public records, social media (including focused Twitter lists and the Facebook feeds of our vetted sources), and more. Then, to produce lists of news stories we applied content filters that strain out the junk and zero in on the relevant stories. Unlike other social media streams, Nozzl’s lists are curated by human researchers and include thousands of professional sources, including public records, outside of social media. This results in always fresh content that is close to 100 percent relevant.

Can you go beyond website and social feeds? What about public records?

We’ve created several news lists that cull such databases, including jail bookings, campaign finance data, restaurant inspections, EPA reports, and more. News lists from these sources are continually updated by querying the target database for updates.

Where can I see it in action?

Right here!

How do I get in touch with Nozzl?

Contact us here. We usually can get back to you the same day.

Producer of Nozzl News Desk