Finally, a way to keep your website fresh.


Nozzl Effortless Content is built for small businesses, professionals and nonprofits who need the power of content marketing without big-business commitments

Fresh content is vital to your small business or organization website. It keeps customers, clients and donors coming back. It keeps them engaged with your message.

But who has time … or money … or inclination … to keep creating fresh content?

Your job is to run your business — not hire expensive agencies to write blog posts … or track down and manage freelance writers … or research and write new content yourself at the end of a long day.

Relax. Nozzl feels your pain.

With a low-cost monthly subscription, Nozzl keeps fresh, relevant content flowing to your website 24/7/365. Simply install one of our Stream Players … and forget about it. It’s that easy.

Here’s what you get for a low monthly subscription:

An always-fresh stream of content that is tailored to keep your audience engaged with your website.

Like a gentle stream, each Nozzl Stream Player displays a perpetual flow of useful, mesmerizing information aimed at the audience you want to target.

Just imagine …

If you run a real-estate firm, you may want a Nozzl Stream Player that streams information about the latest mortgage rates and real-estate news.

If you own a yoga studio, you may want to offer your clients yoga tips and trends.

If you run an environmental nonprofit, you may want to highlight the latest environmental news.

No matter what your business or organization is about, a Nozzl Stream Player can be focused on your specific audience.

In addition to the Stream Player itself, here’s what else you get:

  • The ability to place the Nozzl Stream Player anywhere you choose on your website.
  • The ability to custom-size the Nozzl Stream Player to fit your site design.
  • The flexibility to swap one Stream Player for another any time you want.
  • Free upgrades to Nozzl’s content and technology.
  • Up to one hour of free help in installing your Nozzl Stream Player (although it’s easy enough to install yourself).

Keep the Stream Player as long as you want … or swap it for something else from the catalog for a change of pace.

What if you decide that a Nozzl isn’t for you? No worries. Cancel anytime without penalty.

Where to begin …

Nozzl is all about solving your specific content needs. To do that, here’s the process we follow:

First, we gather just a little information about the business you’re in.

Second, as soon as our team of award-winning journalists and technologists creates a Nozzl that’s right for you, we’ll alert you. (There’s no obligation to buy.)

Third, if you like what you see, you just follow the step-by-step instructions to download and install the Nozzl (or let us help you!).

Finally, relax as you and your customers watch fresh, relevant content flow into your Nozzl and your website.

Installation is a snap.

If you’ve ever embedded a YouTube or Vimeo video, you can embed a Nozzl Stream Player on your website or blog.

There are three basic ways to install it:

First, if you’re comfortable working on your own website, just download the embed code and drop it into any page or pages on your site.

Second, if you have a webmaster, download the embed code and email it to your webmaster for installation.

Third, if you don’t know how to install the embed code and you don’t have a webmaster, call us at 503-568-5438. We provide up to one hour of free help.

As soon as you save or update your site with the new code, your website will start displaying a flow of great content.

Seeing is believing.

Browse our current catalog of 20 (and growing) Nozzl Stream Players to see them work in real time. Current topics range from health care to positive thinking to social-media marketing.

You may even find one that’s perfect for your website right now.

If not, just let us know what you’re looking for.

There’s nothing to lose. Literally.

Every new subscriber gets the first month free. Cancel anytime during the first month, and we won’t charge you.

Of course, we think you and your customers will love the freshness and novelty that Nozzl brings to your website.

If you don’t, no hard feelings. You can cancel anytime, no strings attached.

Quality content is our passion

Nozzl’s content is more than simply fresh and relevant. It’s top quality.

That’s because humans, not algorithms, are the heart of Nozzl’s operation.

Each Nozzl Stream Player draws on a database of nearly 20,000 content sources — hand-curated by seasoned journalists — that meet professional standards for trust and credibility. Journalists fine-tune each stream to ensure that it finds the most useful, relevant information for its intended audience.

The result is a Stream Player that turns your website into an authoritative information source for the people who rely on you: your customers, clients and donors.

Let us know what topic for a Nozzl Stream Player would be a perfect fit for you.

Get started today.

Effortless Content